No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise PS3

An enhanced version of the 2008's No More Heroes on Wii, Heroes' Paradise once again follows the violent exploits of one Travis Touchdown as he targets a group of assassins in the city of Santa Destroy. Players will be able to use the optional PlayStation Move controller to wield Touchdown's signature weapon -- a beam katana sword -- while moving up the ranks on his hit list. In between the one-on-one boss battles are driving sequences and various sub-missions and side jobs located throughout the city. New play options added to the PlayStation 3 version include Rebout Mode, where you can battle each rival again, and a Viewer Mode, which lets you watch the cut-scenes as many times as you desire. Other changes include high-definition visuals, tweaks to the artificial intelligence, and all-new bosses to fight.

GTIN13 0083717202196

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